ABC Beleggingen changes its name to ABC Capital

In the context of a growing international field, ABC Beleggingen, part of the ABC Vastgoed Groep with branches in Nieuwegein, Amsterdam, Assen and Arnhem, has decided to change its name to ABC Capital. Last autumn this party was involved, as advisor, in the largest housing investment transaction of 2013 between ASR Vastgoed Vermogensbeheer and Quadrigo, the investment vehicle of among others investor Rolly Ridder van Rappard. Since 1949, ABC Vastgoed Groep has been active within the real estate cycle in the area of concept (ABC Concept), process (ABC Nova) and transactions (ABC Capital) and, since 1970, internationally active as property investment consultant in, among others, the realisation of high-profile developments such as ‘London Docklands’ in London, ’Nice Etoile’ in Nice and ‘Les Halles’ in Paris.

The activities abroad have always been conducted under the name ABC Capital. In the Netherlands, ABC Capital is considered one of the market leaders in the area of consultancy with property investment transactions/disposition processes, especially in the segment of institutional investors and housing corporations.