ABC Capital is the highest entrant as advisor in residential investments with a transaction volume of approximately € 122.000.000,-. This is evident from an analysis done by PropertyNL, the magazine for professionals in real estate who publish these rankings every year and which appeared in the April 25th edition of this year. In 2011, ABC Capital occupied the first place and by taking the second place in 2013, ABC Capital retains its position as one of the market leaders in the field of residential real estate investment advice.

ABC Capital is responsible for the largest transaction in residential investments of the past year due to the transaction of a voluminous residential portfolio of ASR Vastgoed Vermogensbeheer to Quadrigo. Additionally, ABC Capital guided, among other things, the transaction of an apartment complex in ‘s-Hertogenbosch of Syntrus Achmea and the transaction of various other residential portfolios, in which confidentiality is requested by the seller and buyer.

Jurgen de Zwart, director of ABC Capital: “We are proud of our position within the residential investment segment and the name we have established within this market. ABC Capital has its, still growing, position due to its team of experienced professionals with a substantial approach. For 2014, we expect, among other things, a growing share of ABC Capital and an increase in movements and developments within the residential investment market due to a growing interest of market parties for residential portfolios and the entry of foreign investors”.

PropertyNL: “Mr. Jurgen de Zwart has played a key role in the development of the investment division of ABC Vastgoed. Under his management the division has become in the past 16 years one of the biggest agents in the field of investment advisory services in residential real estate. De Zwart is a member of the holding company and shareholder of ABC Vastgoed Groep”.

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