Guidance of disposition pathways

As market leader, ABC Capital specialises in the guidance of disposition pathways through an internally developed structured sales procedure. This compliance proof process with transparent information supply and flexibility gives the greatest opportunity for revenue maximisation.

The sales methodology with optimal securing of risks is characterised by phasing, taking into account the key elements such as developed transaction documentation for risk reduction, recruiting and selection of candidate buyers and, in the context of compliance and transparency, an internally developed digital data room with optimal customised marketing.

Strategic real estate advice

The strategic real estate advice of ABC Capital connects a portfolio, business, actualisation or investment strategy to a real estate policy and strategic frameworks, with focus on financial, demographic, housing or primary and operational objectives.

In addition to an internally developed model with feasibility studies and hold/sell and financial analyses, alternative studies for choices on both short and long term are essential and give shape to managing a real estate portfolio.

Interim management and corporate consulting

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