Institutional and private investors

A frequent portfolio analysis based on region, sector or risk allocation and the allocation based on the investment strategy of direct/indirect real estate provides the necessary dynamics with (end) investors. ABC Capital assists institutional and private investors as well as real estate funds in the structure and disposition of leased housing complexes. With our current knowledge of the property investment market in all its unique aspects, we are able to recruit regional, national and/or multinational buyers for the acquisition of any volume, specific product and location.

Housing associations

Thanks to the recent simplification of the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations for complex sales of liberalised or liberalising ownership, housing associations are given the opportunity to generate income to improve cash flow due to the imposed landlord charge and the financial contribution to other corporations that have come into financial difficulties. By performing hold-sell analyses, ABC Capital assists housing corporations step by step in the selection of the housing complexes to be sold in combination with the sales process to be used subsequently, where transparency, independency, accuracy and revenue maximisation are highly valued.
ABC Capital specialises in financing solutions for the corporation and care sector, where, in addition to issues relating to financial management and housing law and state aid, advice relating to

transfer of property or housing complexes, in accordance with the sales circular 2013-02 and the associated approval procedure of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, amongst others for investment space, can be considered core skills.

Financial institutions

The economic crisis means that increasingly more market participants can no longer meet their payment obligations. As a result, parties may be required to relinquish their property portfolio and that it is taken over by the mortgage lender. ABC Capital specialises in solving real estate issues relating to valuation, structuring, optimisation and disposition of real estate portfolios for financial institutions.


Even the government is facing new times due to the initiated cut backs. The ageing population and declining birth rate of a large part of society lead to other needs, so the government is required to make increasingly more decisions about real estate related issues. ABC Capital advises government agencies on challenges in the area of housing, valuation and/or (complex) disposition of housing complexes, commercial properties and public property.