ABC (original: Algemene Bouw Centrale) [General Central Construction Office] was founded in 1949 in Amsterdam with the aim of managing development of residential and shopping centres for among others the former Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (Civil Service Pension Fund) and the Mijnwerkersfonds (Miners Fund). In the 50s and 60s, ABC Vastgoed grew and conquered a place in the Dutch and European real estate world with various activities such as structural engineering, management and consultancy. The name ABC became a household name.

Even internationally, ABC was involved by many institutional clients in high-profile processes. Projects and portfolios were realised or sold in Germany, France and the United Kingdom for renowned parties such as PGGM, ABP, Westland, Utrecht etc. Striking examples include Pont Neuf (Les Halles/Paris), Nice Etoile (Nice) and London Docklands (London). Because of its international ambitions and ditto presence, ABC presented itself abroad as ABC Capital. This also demonstrates our international focus on the importance of real estate for institutional and private clients.