Housing complex in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Recently, Syntrus Achmea sold an apartment complex consisting of 88 apartments and 18 garages; situated in ’s-Hertogenbosch; to a private investor on behalf of a client.

ABC Beleggingen, part of the ABC Vastgoed Groep and one of the market leaders in the area of property investment consultancy, guided the complex disposition on behalf of Syntrus Achmea using an exclusive and private structured sales process, for which a limited number of market parties were invited.

Vincent R. Walland: ‘We see a growing interest from both domestic and foreign investors for investment portfolios in the housing sector in the Netherlands.Upward pressure on prices is clearly visible

on the property investment market and, thanks to the recently introduced rent increase methodology (in line with inflation and income- dependent), homes offer a stable and interesting direct return with a

– unlike other property segments – fairly low-risk character.

ABC Beleggingen, operating abroad as ABC Capital, is a leader in the field of structured and transparent disposition processes of residential property portfolios.