Woningstichting Leusden recently sold 80 apartments in Leusden through a public and structured disposition process. For this transaction, Woningstichting Leusden received approval from Waarborgfonds Sociale Woningbouw (Social Housing Guarantee Fund) and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Woningstichting Leusden also sold several single family homes with ministerial approval. These transactions were subject to the new regulations for sale of corporation housing as set out in the circular MG 2013-02.

The 80 apartments are divided into two complexes and are located at Blekerij and Zeilmakerij. The single family homes are located at Vlietsingel in Leusden.

The portfolio belongs to the liberalised segment with an average rent of approximately EUR 900.00. Motive for this complex sale is the increased focus of Woningstichting Leusden on its role and task for the social target groups in Leusden. They sold these homes at Blekerij, Zeilmakerij and Vlietsingel to a national investor and a regionally oriented investor.

Woningstichting Leusden appointed Nieuwstad Advies for the disposition management, where the public and structured sales process was provided by ABC Capital (formerly known as ABC Beleggingen).